Penn Station -NJ Transit

Whenever I am going on a longer trip aside from my usual subway ride – I always plan to arrive a bit earlier in order to use the restroom.

The bathrooms at penn station are by no means luxurious – as is the case with pretty much any high traffic public restroom in nyc.

Today’s visit was no different. The queue was long – about a constant revolving line of 10 people, but my wait time was thankfully only a few minutes.

Upon entering the stall I was greeted by the pungent smells – which you always have to ignore in these moments. My stall door was also decorated with a “bride” graffiti tag which may or may not have made my experience more special. I guess I’d rather stare at a tag than someone’s poo smeared on the wall…

One last note – you will always be exiting the restroom with drenched hands due to the lack of paper towels. Seriously, who has the patience to use those hand driers???



midtown west, public restroom

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